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21) Full Name: குமார்

உங்களின் முயற்ச்சி பாராட்டத்தக்கது. மேலும் இந்தப்பக்கத்தை இன்னும்
மெருகூட்டலாம் என்பது எனது அபிப்பிராயம்.

கல்லடி, மட்டக்களப்பு

22) Full Name: Jeevan
  Message: Hi....its nice to my home town from here....i came here 1991 and i never went back......what a wonderfull memories there, like mamanga thiruvila......anyways keep up the good work.


23) Full Name: P. Suthesan
  Message: Hi,
Its a nice effort, i dont know which is your living town now, but it will be more informative, if the updated news in website regularly, the same probelm for me, i am out of country and i couldnt make it my site also in the same way. the main problem is no time and difficult to get information. anyhow its good work and develop more. i will add your URL also in my both websites. visit my website and give your opinion. my school is Kaluthavalai Mahavidyalayam, but my father place is Town (Nalliah Road),
please visit to
www.kaluthavalaipillaiyar.com & www.maddunagar.com

P.O. Box - 383
Qatar Airways

24) Full Name: Antony Rawindraraj (Divananth)

I am an old boy of St.Michaelís college(1995-2007 Jan). Currently living in NC, U.S.A. You did a nice job by creating this website. Please keep the informations up to date. Regards,

25) Full Name: kumar
  Message: HI its a grate work. Im in ny.

26) Full Name: Valluvan Logenda
  Message: Hello Neeman!
I studied at St.Michaelís as you did.Thats why your talented enough to do this great job.I would rather like to see some changes in the design. And its better to change some Scripts in order view this nice site at other browsers than IE 7. If you need any help Iím willing to help. Let us make this a professional web site.
Anyway congratulations to your hard work.
Cheer Up Batti!!!

26) Full Name: Douglas Tisseverasinghe
  Message: Congratulations & Best Wishes. A job well done

27) Full Name: S.Sutharshiny
  Message: Hi Neeman Great work thank you so much. really its a nice work.

28) Full Name: Sivam  Vinayagamoorthy
  Message: Dear Neeman;
Its a great web site. Keep up the good work.
God Bless You.


29) Full Name: Madumitha
  Message: I seen your site before and i saw you at the picnic. but I didnít know that you are the one who is doing tremendous job for our hometown. I heard that you always question the St.Micheael old boys. But I am so glad that there is someone like you is there to ask question and fight for the love of the school. But I know my father was a committee member and the was lots of politics involved in it. But I wish you all the best for a bright future. Next time if I see you we will meet you

30) Full Name: Paheerathan
  Message: Hi,

Good work guyz.Im from batticaloa Kaluwanchikudy. I studied St Michaels College.(In the map please change the name pandiruppu as Paddiruppu Pandirppu is in ampara district)