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31) Full Name: shobina
  Message: Hey Guyz,

I have only one word to discribe this site, that is "WOWWWW"really such a nice job guyz.Keep it up .....

32) Full Name: Steen Joergensen
  Message: It is very nice to see and read about Batticaloa. I had the pleasure to spend to years in Batticaloa. The people are very friendly and I really miss my friends back in Batti. Hope to come back one day.
All the best

33) Full Name: Inpam Moses
  Message: Batticaloa has always been very close to my heart! Serving these wonderful people for 20 years has been the best years of my life. My wife "Ranji Akka" and I pioneered Zion Church on 34A Central Road, Batticaloa
I am living in Vancouver, and was so thrilled to see the pictures from there.
Keep up the good work.
My wishes and Godís richest blessings to all who had made my life so rich!
Rev Inpam Moses

34) Full Name: Prof Vivekanadarajah Saravanan
  Message: Thank you very much for this great job. Prof Vivekanadarajah Saravanan Calgary Canada

35) Full Name: Thiru Senthooran
  Message: Hi,

It is one of the bests and very resourceful web sites i have ever seen and made me to be very proud of the guys who have spent their times in order to give a wonderful site to our home land "Batticaloa". I am wishing you all the best for any further developments on the site and please carry on with the work you all do in order to develop our home town.
Let the pride of Batticaloa reach everyone!
Games and Application Development Unit
Motorola London

36) Full Name: Kishanthan
  Message: Hai !

lot of Information about Batticaloa.Please update the question marks with special characters.
Good work

Faculty of Engineering,
University of Peradeniya

36) Full Name: Pradheep
  Message: Well Organised Informative website...... Well done My friend ..
37) Full Name: Daniel Ramanesh
  Message: Neeman,
hi this is Ramanesh From Canbera, Australia i hope you know me Very well, congratulation for everythings. i wish you all the best,
Please contact in my mobile
38) Full Name: Rohan
  Message: Your Father Taught english in grade 8 for us. He was a very friendly and well loved teacher. I heard that you are his son. (F.X.Nadarajahís Peran)I Love to know where is he now, (Your Father) and where are you! Any how you are doing a great job and keep it up. Our lord will give you the strenth and courage to take more undertakings like this to keep all Mattakkalappaans connected!
Thank You!
39) Full Name: Mauran.M
  Message: Hai sir
iím also one of the old student from st/micheals. happy to see this site.
Congratulation and carry on
40) Full Name: I.Dharshan
  Message: hi!neeman how are you?i show ur page very nice.but not enaf da u can do try to come top. god blass you. 

your friendi dharshan.