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41) Full Name: Mahendra
  Message: Hi Neeman,

When I am searching about Batticaloa district is details, I have found an excellent useful website. I really appreciate your creative ideas in this website. The city of Batti needs this kind of creative persons, as it a historical city. Develop this site with new information and update the latest population. Defiantly this site would give a better map for all, who are really interesting to know about Batticaloa.

Best regards,


42) Full Name: Jega Shanthikumar
  Message: Hi. Itís wonderful to have a website for Batticaloa. Iím glad you took your time and effort to develop a very resourceful site. Congratulations and best of luck with your future endevours contributing to this website. I like this websiteís logo because it represents what makes Batticalao a special land.

-Jega- (Kalluwanchikudy)

43) Full Name: Capt S.S.Segaram
  Message: I am a captain with the national carrier Srilankan Airlines and I also happen to be a north east merger meaning my father is from Urumpirai.It is laudable that such an effort has been initiated to keep the whole world informed of a beautiful and culturaly enriched place in Srilanka.
It is sad to say that this beautiful place has been neglected very badly due to various reasons and to add to that the migration of all good and friendly people from this MEEN PAADUM THEN NAADU, will cause further deterioration of the cutural heritage we cherish here.My humble request is if you all have any intention to preserve this valuable culture please come back to us as there is no point logging on to such websites and to be psedo patriots.I know it is easier said than done but just think a bit THAMILA UN THAI NAADU UNNAI ALAIKIRADU.

44) Full Name: Hi Neeman,
  Message: its nice to see your new version of infobatticaloa. congratulations and keep growing!!!

45) Full Name: Jenaranjan P
  Message: Neeman,
hi this is Jenaranjan From Qatar i hope you know me Very well, congratulation this is a great effort,keep it up. i wish you all the best.

46) Full Name: Jude
  Message: Neeman,

Congratulation this is a great effort,keep it up.
I wish U all the best.

Jude Clarence

46) Full Name: Gabriel Jovan
  Message: I hereby thank you for your excell. Work to bring Batti to rest of the World, and thanks for your remaining via e-mail.

Kindly regards, Gab
47) Full Name: Saravanan
  Message: Hi Guys,
This is a excellent media work,keep it up
48) Full Name: Batt Boy
  Message: Fabulous and extraordinary work by u man. I have no idea where u gets all these stuffs for the site. I am really proud of u. This will be so useful for those who did not know about Batticaloa. Thank you for being so generous to make a site for our land of the singing fish.

49) Full Name: karunanithy.s
  Message: hi friend it is interesting your work is great.keep it up .
50) Full Name: P.Muralitharan
  Message: Dear Neeman,
This is a great effort. Also Iím very happy to see this. Actually I tried to contact you through your old e-mail access. But its not working, therefore I searched you in the web and I came to know this site. As others, Iím also thanking you for this perl among the electronic junks!

Pleace contact me!