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51) Full Name: Paulette
  Message: Was in Batticaloa over 5 days in Oct 2005 and enjoyed the food, especially the sambal, the pitu and the ginger beer.
52) Full Name: Neethan
  Message: Dearest Brother,
Its happy 2 have brother in my life. I Congratulate my brother for create this web site of our native place. My best wishes to my brother NEEMAN.Pls send informations to my brother to update his web site.

Loving brother,
53) Full Name: kugathasan Madhureshan
  Message: hi....neeman indeed ur did in this website perfectly even better than other website as i was expecting ur good works for our home town neeman i must knew it who iím anyway i will praise ur talent jobs i will show ur websites tomy friends so they was said ur a genuine in thi...

54) Full Name: Virgini Tisseverasinghe
  Message: Well done. congratulations virgini Tisseverasinghe

55) Full Name: Sutharshiny
  Message: I am proud of you good work update with schools, contact people, and songs

56) Full Name: RAMANESH.S
  Message: I donít have any word; Thanking to U. My Studentís genius. Iím Proud of u. Iíve Tsunami photos @ CD pls contact me.

57) Full Name: Navarooban
  Message: Hi man, great effort, its a very nice creation, I believe you will be a great genious! my wishes.

58) Full Name: Jay C Patel
  Message: Dear Berty, Simply genious.Nice work.I love all who do not forget their motherland inspite living in foreign countries.God always helps all who love their brothers and sisters of homeland and continue helping others. With love, Jay C Patel

59) Full Name: Elmo Joseph
  Message: Congratulation on to your fine efforts to create a Web site, which I consider is a viable link to explore & expose the hidden cultural heritage and the pride of the district.

The "Sun has to rise from the East" of Sri Lanaka with a pride for the others to survive.

We are not second to none as you had defined the district, which is true and appropriate at this hour of need.

Please help Neeman with info as many as you can, and visit the site for details.

60) Full Name: Dosi
  Message: Hi Berty! I havenít seen a site like yours that have been made for their home town. as the above person said "Your Parents should be Proud of U" All the Best