Academic Carder in Batticaloa Technical College
Academic Cardre in Eastern University, Sri Lanka
Animal Production Statistics - 2008
Animal Production Statistics II - 2008
Batticaloa Climate Data- 2008
Batticaloa Relative Humidity (%) -2008
Cashew Cultivation (In Acre)
Coastal Zone Resources and Distribution Patterns at Batticaloa District - 2008
Coconut Extent Planted in 2008
Coconut in Batticaloa District  (ACRE)
Coconut in Batticaloa District  (ACRE)
Collection of Paddy Insurance (Premium) Batticaloa District - 2008
Communicable Diseases -2008
Courses in Batticaloa Technical College
Crafts In Batticaloa District 
Diploma Courses with Students Population in Eastern University Sri Lanka
Distribution Disables in Batticaloa District - 2008
Enrollment with Pass out in Eastern University Sri Lanka
Facilities & Department in Eastern University Sri lanka
Fish Production for the year - 2008 (Kg)
Fisheries Sector In Batticaloa District- 2008
Fishermen Co-operative Societies  of Inland Fisheries in Batticaloa 
Fisherman Pension & social Security Benefits Scheme- 2008
Foods Stamps Details Batticaloa District - 2008
Funds-Monthly Progress Report - 2008 (December)
G.C.E (AL) Result Analysis - 2008
G.C.E (OL) Result Analysis - 2008
General Information on Cashew
GEO Physical are Batticaloa District
Health Indicators Teaching Hospital - Batticaloa
High Land Crop Statistics MAHA (Cereals, Pulses & Yam) 2007
Highland Crop Statistics - 2008 Permanent Crops
Highland Crop Statistics - Maha 2007
Highland Crop Statistics - Yala 2008 - Vegetables
Highland Crop Statistics - Yala 2008 Cereals, Pulses & Yams
Housing Lottery Batticaloa District - 2008
IDP Camps in Batticaloa District - Batticaloa IDP - 2008
Indoor Admission and Out Patient Attendance - 2008
Inland Fish Production - 2008
Institutions under Local Authorities - 2008
Internally Displaced People in Batticaloa District - 2008
Land area in Batticaloa District
Land use Pattern in Batticaloa District
Length of RDA Roads by Classes - 2008 Batticaloa District
Libraries under local Authorities - 2008
Livestock (Goats and Poultry) By D.S. Division - 2008
Livestock (Goats and  Poultry) by year - (1995-2008)
Livestock (Neat Cattle and Baffoles) by year (1994 - 2008)
Livestock Statistics by D.S. Division - 2008
Major & Medium Irrigation Tanks
Major irrigation scheme - Batticaloa District 2008
Monthly Milk Collection Statistics - 2008 (in Liters)
Non-Academic Cardre in Batticaloa Technical College
Non-Academic Cardre in Eastern University, Sri Lanka
Number of Employees and Contribution of EPF
Number of Telephone Lines in Batticaloa District - 2008
Paddy Production - YALA & MAHA
Paddy Sown and Harvested Area in Batticaloa District 
Percentage Distribution of Population By Religion - 2008
Population By Ethnicity For Five Years In Batticaloa District 
Population by Sex, Age(Major and Minor) for D.S. Division - 2008
Population Distribution by Age Group for D.S. Division - 2008
Population Distribution by Sex
Post Graduate Diploma, Master Degree Courses with Student Population in EUSL
Rain Fall (IN mm) Data Batticaloa
Registered Club & Societies in Batticaloa District - 2008
Registered Co-operative Societies in Batticaloa District - 2008
Registered Marriage, Birth & Death - 2008
Registered Voters On Ethnic Basis As Per Electoral Register - 2008
Requirement and Availability of Teachers - 2008
Samurdhi Social Security Trust Fund
Samurthi Beneficiaries as at December - 2008
Scholarship Result Analysis - 2008
School by Type & Ethnicity
Small Groups as at December - 2008
Social Development Programme Socio- Economic Data - 2008
Sown and Harvested Area by DS Division Yala Season - 2008
Staff Particulars - Teaching Hospital, Batticaloa - 2008
Statistics On Housing - Batticaloa District - 2008
Statistics on Palmyrah Training Center - 2008
Stocking of Fingerlings -2008
Student Population For Ten Years
Students Population in Batticaloa Technical College
Students Population Statistics - 2008
Students Population with Course in Eastern University Sri Lanka
Summary of Samurdhi Development Programme - 2008
Temperature Data -Batticaloa District 2008
Ten Years Population 
Training Centers Under Department of Industries in Batticaloa District
Transport Service Statistics by Workers in Batticaloa District - 2008
Transport Service Statistics in Batticaloa District - 2008
Unemployed Graduates in Batticaloa District - 2008