Floods May 17 1957
  The cyclone of November 23, 1978, which blasted Batticaloa

When the people of Batticaloa faced the dawn of the 22nd of November 1978, they little knew that the complete face of the area would be so changed within the next twenty four hours. There had been incessant rain and by the evening of the 22nd the populace was in total fear as they heard the continual fiendish whine of the winds as it grew lauder and louder bringing utter panic.

This was accompanied by the tumult of giant trees, buildings crashing down, and adding to the misery of the people, as their fall plunged the area into total darkness, disrupting the water supply. One wondered whether a team of parachutists were landing, for a number of roofing sheets on modest houses parted moorings from houses and were seen floating skywards. The fearful whine of the winds, the sounds of falling buildings scared even the bravest hearts.......>>>More

  Tsunami December 26,2004
  At approximately 9:30 a.m. Sunday, December 26, 2004, large waves pounded the many beaches of East Asian countries killing thousands in its reach. Many have since paused to listen or read facts on this massive natural disaster and wonder if something so devastating could once again reap its fury on the earth. 2840 people died, 952 people missing and 63717 were effected in tsunami......>>>More