Batticaloa's tropical location ensures perennially high temperatures, with monthly averages between 71 F (21.6 C) and 92 F (33 C) higher altitudes account for lower temperatures, with monthly averages between 44 F (7 C) and 71 F (21.6 C). Rainfall is the conspicuous factor in the seasonal and diurnal variations of the climate of Batticaloa. Most parts of the country receive an average annual rainfall of more  than 7 inches (170 millimeters). However, regional differences  in the amount of rain, its seasonality,  In the former area, which covers the south quadrant of the District , the rainfall is heavy  and seasonally well distributed (although a greater part of the rain comes from the southwest monsoon from May to September). Rainfall deviates relatively little each year from the annual averages and is effective enough to maintain soil moisture and surface drainage throughout the year. Over the rest of the  District the Dry Zone annual totals of rain range from 5 to 10 inches in the different areas (much of it being received during the northeast monsoon season from November to January). Droughts that persist for more than three months are common